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Top Skills


Top Skills, training and coaching company


Top Skills is a training and coaching company whose objective is to help you to achieve tangible results.

Our mission is “Training for results”.

We are active in the following fields:

  • Management and leadership training
  • Project-management training
  • Coaching for (future) managers
  • Team building




Our training and coaching programme


formation management   coaching de manager   formation gestion de projet   team building

Management training programme


  Project management training   Team Building

Management training manager level

  Performance coaching   Basis project management training seminar    

Management training senior manager level


      Project management e learning training seminar    

 MBTI training

      Project management training simulator




  MS project training




      PMP certification



We employ teaching methods which are optimally tailored to your needs :


We use trainers and coaches who combine pedagogical qualifications with a proven track record in their field.


Our training and coaching methods are based on the following performance tools:

the Eureka training method,

  • ELLI (Effective Life Long Learnng Inventory)
  • MBTI® Step 1
  • MBTI®Step 2
  • MTRI®
  • Process Communication Management®
  • Mind Mapping.


We are a member of the "Métamorphoses groupe".

Our different business are :

  • Métamorphoses :
    Training and coaching centre for :
    MBTI Step 1, MBTI Step 2, Process Communication Management, communication, active listening skills, assertivity, conflict management, negociation, presentation skills, train the trainer, Mind Mapping, time management,  outlook, stress management,...  

  • Top Skills :
    Training and coaching centre for :
    MBTI Training for managers (MBTI Step 1 and MBTI Step 2), Process Communication Management for managers, management for team leaders, management for managers, management for senior managers,project management and team building
    Coaching of (new) manager, performance coaching,...
  • Coach and Grow :
    Personal coaching for individuals



You can reach us  :

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